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Chocolate: Known as the food of Gods and the cures of many illnesses in its raw and liquid form. Today it is the food that creates sensations and relieves tensions with every bite and morsel.

Chocolatier: A passionate creator of edible pieces of art.

Chocolatier, Farid Jamal and his wife, Tazeem, created Have to Have Chocolate Inc. eight years ago. Farid brought 18 years of food and beverage experience into this new venture and Tazeem her innovative marketing. Together they have been able to make Have to Have Chocolate Inc. a successful manufacturing and wholesale company which is growing every year.

Their vision was, and is to create innovative items that keep them on the cutting edge of chocolate making. They do this by using only the highest quality Belgian chocolate and have chosen to hold onto the tradition and art of hand making their chocolates to further ensure the quality. New and unique items are created every season to keep their customers, the retailers, ahead of their competition. Over the years they have gained a reputation of working with their clients one on one to customize mold designs and packaging.

With the acquisition of a well established company called "au Chocolat Truffletier since 1980" last year, Have to Have Chocolate Inc. has grown tremendously. With the capability to design molds and now also make them in house, it has given them a tremendous advantage in working with and offering their clients a much better value. With the acquisition, the ability to make chocolate covered fruits, nuts and coffee beans has also been an excellent addition to the product line.

This year another company was added to the group, The Great Canadian Fudge Company which has been established since 1995. With this addition, the sky is the limit for types of products that are being produced and yet to be created. Fudge is just the tip of the iceberg. The marriage of chocolate and fudge has endless possibilities. Other products that will be produced in the near future are; Turkish Delight, Caramel and Brittle.

The focus for the company still remains true to the early beginnings, manufacturing and wholesaling with seasonal corporate sales.

Have to Have Chocolate Inc. has truly become the one stop shop for all your candy needs.

Manufacturers of Fine Belgian Chocolate
and Exceedingly Good Fudge

Suppliers to the industry.

Located in Burnaby, BC Canada



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