Father's Day




CG-02    cs/pk: 50
Solid Chocolate Cigars in bulk
FT-01    cs/pk: 48
Assorted Father's Day Suckers (Happy Father's Day & Assorted Sports)
FT-02    cs/pk: 8
Golf Bag, three half Golf Balls & Real Tee in Specialty Box
FT-05 FT-06 SCR-12
FT-05    cs/pk: 12
Skiis and Boot in Specialty Box
FT-06    cs/pk: 12
Three Golf Balls boxed with Real Tee (Milk, Ivory & Dark)
SCR-12    cs/pk: 12
Gold Salmon with Candy pebbles in cello bag with Canadiana Tag

PDF file of Father's Day Brochure

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